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If you have any questions, please reach out. I will be happy to answer all inquiries. 

~ We currently ship to USA and Canada ~

Ph: (250) 619-8828


Order quickly and easily online and enjoy our great service - it couldn't be easier to buy a cool new unique t shirt, shop shirt or hot rod coffee mug, and get your cool new swag delivered to your door. No mall cruize'n required.

ALL our products are designed & printed local - no overseas junk. 

We are located in British Columbia, Canada and we ship our products to our USA customers coast to coast every day.  It may take a few extra days, but our products are well worth the wait. 

Also, if you have a Custom Car, Bike or Rockabilly Show or Event coming up and would like to have me help spread the word - just fire through some info. If it fits within our focus, I would be happy to post your info, a show poster and link.

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We are constantly adding new t shirt and work shirt designs as well as hot rod swag for you greasers and gearheads, so please drop in again soon to see what's new.