About - Dirty Monkey Kustoms

Dirty Monkey Kustoms has embraced the rebellious and challenges the conventional. Gearheads, I see you.

Dirty Monkey Kustoms is my passion for hot rods and my creative outlet. Rumbling V-8's, loud exhaust, swing'n tunes and roll'n the white walls.

This adventure of mine is dedicated to my Dad - a hot rodder and motorcycle enthusiast in his day, and the most unorthodox back yard mechanic I have known! 

Being a designer and photographer for the past 30 years, I have been able to combine my passion for art and photography with my love of the mechanical, hot rods, rat rods, rockabilly, choppers, and all things vintage. I love creating original images and designs that I am proud to share with you.

At an early age - (thanks Dad), I took a shine to playing with tools - taking apart and putting things back together. Be that toys, anything with screws and bolts, and even the furniture. The collapsing coffee table was not a big hit apparently. That curiosity carried on. For some reason - even to this day, I inherited Dad's skill of being able to put something back together with parts left over, and things still seem to work. We figured all those extra bits would just slow ya down, so really not needed. Lighter is better and faster right?

When I wasn't under the hood - playing with motors and building cars, I was drawing or taking pictures of them.



When not in the studio, you will find me behind the camera at car shows, and Rockabilly events, hanging in the shop and twisting my own wrenches, or cruising in the sunshine on one of the Harleys, or even better, my hot rod 1951 GMC. 

The art work you see is all unique, custom designed and / or photographed by me - the artist.

The items I produce and sell are all made from high end materials. Outstanding fit and finish is my goal. I  produce in low quantities, locally and by hand, with an artist's pride and attention to detail.

Thank you for your support of my business and supporting custom artisans.