March 31, 2017

Dave's '46 Chev: "Phat Rod"

Dave - Thanks for sending the low down on your build. A real fine ride to say the least. 

As with all of these projects - time, money, vision and dedication are the true test.  Dave's is no exception.  "I worked a regular 8 hr job, then went to my part time job for 5 hrs a nite, and worked week ends at snow removal or landscaping to pay for the build."


1946 Chev 'Phat Rod" truck


"The build started from a '46 chevy p/u and still retains original frame, box and tailgate, cab and hood. It is registered as a '46 because it has over 75% original body parts. Everything works from cowl vent to crank window and heater, original glass and hard ware. It is powered by a 350 vortec with a Pro Comp "thumper" cam, gear drive, headers, Edelbrock intake and carb, Cadillac power steering and power brakes, transverse Model T rear spring with a Ford 9'' rear end and four link suspension. Up front is a straight axle front end on coil over springs.

Ray, the owner of Steel to Steel, was great to work with and had lots of input to the build. Notice the rear wheels are located right at the arc of the old fenders, Ray shortened the box from both ends to get it right. We channeled the cab over the frame so we didn't have to chop the cab and the model "T" front spring trans versed and used in the rear suspension. TCI coil overs in the front ,we used the Welder Series "C" notch to get the rear of the boxed frame low, and we used the OTB head lights because they are cool as hell and you don't have to add some lame light for signals. The heater in our "Phat Rat" came out of a old Chevy truck that was used to build the Alaska highway and up here in Fort St John, and  it comes in handy, as well as the New Port Engineering wipers with cancel and intermittent. Well worth the extra money for that feature, great product.

I bought those beautiful headers from Gear Drive with the end caps and baffles they bolted right up and sound great especially with the Pro Comp Thumper cam, but had to put a few wraps of steel wool on the baffle to tone down the crack or my neighbors would drop a dime on me

It took 3 years to get it built but the result was what I wanted. Ray and I worked together on the design and he had great ideas and often surprised me with cool and function.

There is a ton of custom built and fit everywhere. We built it to drive and are going to Wetaskawin to the Reynolds museum show, and have plans to drive down to the Viva Las Vegas show."

Dave D.